Amazon Smile

We are pleased that has approved our application to be part of Amazon Smile, a program that gives a small percentage of each purchase to the charity of the shopper’s choice. It is really simple to use, and we hope that you will use it starting immediately.


Instead of logging into, you should log on to

Upon your first visit, you will be prompted to select a charity. In the “pick your own charity” space, just type, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy, hit search, and it should pop up. Select it and shop!

Blessed Sacrament will only receive money from Amazon Smile if you use the specific Amazon Smile website, Please make sure to bookmark it in your browser.

We are hoping you will consider using Amazon Smile exclusively for whatever you usually buy on Amazon (including Christmas presents). Please also ask friends and family to do their Amazon shopping under Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy on Amazon Smile. All proceeds will go directly to our Academy without any additional cost to you or your friends and family- it is a win for all of us!

Thank you for your collaboration in this matter.