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                                         2021 - 2022 School Year

Remind: Send a text message to 81010 with the following code

Google Classroom: Click the + sign in the top right corner of the page – click “Join Class” – enter Class Code


Grade               Remind Class Code                Google Classroom Class Code                      

Grade 3            rlijo3                                          e3l7er3

Grade 4            rlijo4                                          mdlrqd6

Grade 5            rlijo5                                          kdw6jw3

Grade 6            rlijo6                                          qtiqv4e

Grade 7             rlijo7                                          zwgfrj4

Grade 8            rlijo8                                          5k4jdqc



Students at BSCA will have computer class once a week for a forty-five minute session. As the technology teacher, I stay in constant contact with the grade level teachers to stay informed about the lessons they are learning in their classrooms. I make every effort to regularly incorporate and connect technology to their lessons in Science, Social Studies, ELA, Math, Spanish and Religion.

Computer Lab Expectations

Welcome to Mrs. Lijo’s Technology Class. I Am Glad That You Are Here

  • In the Event of a Fire Drill – Do not turn off the computers. Be sure to push your chairs in when leaving. Leave quickly and carefully using the route your computer teacher has instructed you to use. No talking.
  • In the Event of a Lock Down – Proceed to the location designated by your computer teacher and sit quietly on the floor. Your teacher will be shouting the doors and covering the windows. It is important that you sit quietly and follow instructions at this time.
  • Seat Assignments – Every student will be allowed to choose their own seat. It is very important to remember the number of your computer. Your behavior determines if you can keep the seat you choose.
  • Computer Lab Rules – Listen to and follow directions. Show respect. Keep yourself and others safe. Raise your hand and wait to be called.
  • Be Patient – Remember there is only one of me and over 20 of you, so please BE PATIENT with the lab teacher. When I am giving directions, raise your hand if you have a question.
  • Food – Gum – Candy – Food, drinks or gum is NOT allowed in the lab. If you have candy given to you by a teacher, you will be asked to throw it in the trash. If it still in wrapper, keep it in a pocket. ONE WARNING ONLY, or will result in being grounded from the computer.
  • Clean Computers make Happy Computers – This is a happy computer. All your computers are happy and clean. Please be kind to them. Wash hands after eating and using the restroom; before coming into the lab.
  • Remember to keep heat and magnets away from all computer parts.
  • Restroom Break – Your teacher should have given you time to use the restroom before coming to the lab. You will not be allowed to use the bathroom during directions. You might miss something fun or important if you go and really do not have to. Raise your hand to get permission to go.
  • Logging On to your school e-mails – Your ID is the initial for your name and your last name. When class ends you must log off.
  • Care for your space. Do not stack paper or books on the computer. Do not touch the internal parts of the computer or CDs and DVDs. Ask when not sure.
  • What Will We Learn? – How to Use a Computer, How to Use Computer Programs, The Name of Computer Parts, How to Be Safe on the Internet. That Computers Help Us Learn. That Computers Are Fun.
  • Computer Learning – SAVE, SAVE, SAVE – Netiquette and Safety Rules – Computer Terms
  • Three Strikes – “Your r r r Out!”
  • I hope you have a very enjoyable year!

Resources for technology use at homesmartboard

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