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Peter’s Chair – Reading


Peter’s Chair – Spelling


A Trip to Washington DC – Reading

A Trip to Washington DC – Spelling

Math is Fun – Let’s Roll the Dice










Cinderella –Reading 

Cinderella – Spelling




Mama’s Birthday Present – Reading

Mama’s Birthday Present – Spelling

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Where Are My Animal Friends? – Reading

Where Are My Animal Friends? – Spelling


Arts and Crafts


I’m a Caterpillar – Reading

I’m a Caterpillar – Spelling

Black History Month

The Class Pet – Reading

The Class Pet – Spelling

The Class Pet – Vocabulary

Crazy Hat Day



Ruby in Her Own Time – Reading

Ruby in Her Own Time – Spelling

Not only are the first graders having fun playing SUDOKU, they are also developing their decision-making skills, logical thinking, and spatial awareness. They are improving their concentration and attention to detail.

Frog and Toad Together – Reading

Frog and Toad Together – Spelling

A Place to Play – Reading


A Place to Play – Spelling 


Yesterday we had a guest reader, Catherine Keville, reading the book Hunches in Bunches by Dr. Seuss. Afterwards our little artists came up with their own interpretations.

One Way You are a Follower of Jesus


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In ELA, we learned consonants and vowels. We are also practicing how to use words in a sentence.Image result for first grade ela

In Math, we are learning number patterns. The students will use the patterns to count within 120. We will also learn how to tell timeImage result for time clipart


In Science, we will be learning about the solar system and how the earth rotates on its axis creating day and night in the worldImage result for earth rotation around the sun


In Social Studies, students have learned about different types of communities. Now, we will be learning about the map of the United States and the compass.MAP of the US and COMPASS ROSE (in English)


In religion, we will learn about Ordinary time, Lent, and Easter.

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