For Parents and Guardians

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Home-School Association
More information on our Home-School Association is coming soon.

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy Handbook
The handbook includes everything that parents, guardians and students need to know about our Academy, including a complete list of policies, procedures and regulations. 

Parent Student Handbook 2021-2022

Anti-Bullying Policy
The school communities within the Brooklyn Diocese believe in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of the human person. We believe that all students, school employees and volunteers have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. All members of the school community, in turn, have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. Research shows that students who learn in a safe and supportive environment succeed academically. Students have a right to learn in an environment free of any harassment that substantially interferes with their education. Download the Anti-Bullying Policy

VIRTUS Training
It is a requirement of the Diocese of Brooklyn that any adult who wants to be part of any school event that involves students must be VIRTUS trained. The following links in English and Spanish will direct you to Virtus training.

Es un requisito de la Diócesis de Brooklyn que cualquier adulto que quiera ser parte de un evento escolar que involucre a los estudiantes deben haber hecho el entrenamiento VIRTUS. Los siguientes enlaces en inglés y en español le dirigirán a la página de internet de Virtus. | What Is VIRTUS?Register in English | Inscripción en Español

School Uniforms
Our uniform requirements are here. You can order uniforms on the Flynn and O’Hara website.