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The Pre-K is excited for all the new learning experiences for the beginning of 2020!


Everyday Studies

Along with all the fun activities planned, the Pre-K continues to working on their literacy and mathematical skills. The students are improving letter-sound recognition and retelling details in stories.  In Mathematics, the students are comparing sizes through hands on measurements and identifying more, less, and/or equal.  

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Themes for this Month

We are learning about the Winter Season.  We are identifying article of clothing that we wear in the cold. We are learning about snow, water and ice. We have begun science experiments observing ice to help find similarities and differences between solids and liquids.  We are traveling to the Arctic Habitat.  We will identify Arctic animals including Penguins and Polar Bears.  We will identify features of each animal and learn how they stay warm in the cold.

igloo clip artIn Social Studies, we will learn about Transportation by Land, Water, and Air.  Discussions will include ways to travel and what is our favorite way to travel. We will learn why the modes of transportation are important in our daily lives.  We will connect Transportation to our Community. Community lessons will  provide the students with an understanding of roles, rights, and responsibilities of community helpers. We will also make connections to our own communities and identify familiar places.  
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catholic schools week logoCatholic Schools Week

We will end January with Catholic Schools Week! This week is filled with various activities for the kids to enjoy themselves.

We will have Pajama Day and Stuffed Animal Day. One day will be Character Day where the students can wear their favorite character.  We will work together with the Kindergarten and 1st Grade for Sports Day. We will get to enjoy Movie Day and some special treats. We will have Silly Day where the students can be creative and express themselves through their wardrobe.