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Mr. Rodriguez

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7th Grade Math : gdlqzgq
8th Grade Science : l5gwqtb
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COVID – 19 Schedule Posting

The following table shows the scheduling for the science classes 5th through 8th.  Monday through Friday, students will log into Google Classroom and do their assignments for the class in the scheduled time.  Students will be required to finish the assignment during the class time period.  If the work is not done a conversation will be required with the teacher to determine if extended time should be given.  Additional practices will be given if necessary for homework.  Office hours for parent to teacher discussion will be from 1 – 3 pm Monday through Friday.  

Note:  For the best interest of the students during this time, Mr. Rodriguez will be teaching all the science classes and Mrs. Carrizo will be teaching all the math classes.  Each teacher will be teaching only one subject and a religion.   

Attendance Procedure:
Mandated Services require a daily attendance be taken during this time.  For attendance we will be using Google forms through Google Classroom.  Every morning students will log in and do a morning reflection.  The submission of this reflection will be their attendance.  

Time Period Teacher Schedule Class Schedule for 6th Grade
8:50 – 9:00 Attendance and Greeting  Reflection and Attendance
9:00 – 9:50 6th Grade Science Science – Mr. Rodriguez
9:50 – 10:40 7th Grade Science Math – Mrs. Carrizo
10:40 – 11:30  8th Grade Science English – Mr. De Jesus
11:30 – 12:20  5th Grade Science Social Studies – Mrs. Rodriguez

*Religion will begin with a daily reflection during attendance and assignments will be assigned four times a week either incorporated with the subject, or as homework.  Activities, quizzes and exams will be administered and be graded for a religion grade.