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Grade 7 @aece8h pxzn5d
Grade 8 @2c8d4d 2fvvjnf



Spanish class is designed to develop proficiency in the target language employing all means of communication (speaking, reading, writing and listening).

Grade 3 meets once a week for a full period of Spanish and Grades 4-8 meet twice a week.

Students in grade 3 are introduced to the language. They will become familiar with the Spanish language and culture through songs, games and stories. They also learn how to pray in Spanish.

The intermediate-level Spanish curriculum is focused on building vocabulary and using proper grammar. Students learn how to write sentences and conjugate verbs. The main goal is to prepare students for advanced study.

The junior high-level Spanish curriculum focuses on preparing students for their High school language class. The class is conducted in a formal manner. High school-level materials and textbooks are used. Students read literature and newspapers written in Spanish. By mid-year, class is conducted mostly in Spanish so the students must learn to be conversant in the language.

This program gives students an excellent opportunity to be exposed to a unique introductory foundation to a second language and culture. With our rich Spanish heritage in the neighborhood, we can explore traditions and learn more about this culture and language.

Sra. Lijó