Upon This Rock

Alumni Drive of 2018

Dear Member of the Blessed Sacrament Alumni,

Greetings from the Academy Board of Directors.  If you received this letter, you may follow the alumni newsletter or perhaps belong to a social media nostalgia group.  Maybe you have come to our reunion receptions.  Perhaps you stay in touch with old friends from your class.  Memories can be bittersweet, as we all know, but Blessed Sacrament commands a special place in our hearts for a myriad of reasons.

Today the Academy Board of Directors, which includes five former students, is appealing to you through our 2018 Alumni Drive.  BSS is the rock upon which we have built our lives.  Many of us who went to school as baby boomers, did not pay tuition for the education we received at BSS.  For those later generations of students whose parents did pay tuition, the investment was well worth it.  As students, we developed skills in music, literature, language arts, fine arts, mathematics and science.  Our religious studies, through the Sisters of St. Joseph and our dedicated lay teachers, gave us a moral structure through which to make ethical life decisions.   

Today, Blessed Sacrament is no longer called BSS but BSCA.  It has the same spirit and like many of us, it is a fighter.  While other Catholic schools have shuttered their doors, BSCA has remained solid.  Its long-standing principal, Marylou Celmer, works tirelessly with the teachers to the goal of keeping BSCA on the cutting edge.  The proof is that BSCA has produced candidates and received acceptances for the New York City Specialized High Schools, as well as Townsend Harris and all Catholic high schools. 

We have our challenges ahead.  The newly-improvised Catholic academy model has moved the school away from parish support, as it puts the onus on the school to maintain a healthy financial profile.  At the same time, our building is old and requires continuous repair, with classrooms needing new desks.  The demands of technology in education makes state-of-the-art computers and software a necessity.  BSCA teachers need the resources to move their creative ideas into action.       

Won’t you help by returning the ticket below with your donation in the enclosed envelope?  It is a wonderful chance to give back to the brick and mortar institution – still standing proudly on Euclid Avenue – that started so many of us off on our educational journeys.  Donations go directly into the school fund.  During this appeal, your donation will be acknowledged with a receipt for tax purposes.   – Thank you from the Board of Directors.

————————————————————————————————————————–Please make checks out to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy.* 

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Credit Card payments can be made by calling the school office at: (718) 235-4863 


BSCA takes Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

*501 c, a non-government, not-for-profit educational institution.